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EditCNC    G-code editor and DNC software
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Features of EditCNC

Click on the links below for a full description of each feature:
ConnectCNC for editor    DNC-File Up/Download:
between computer and CNC machine.
MachCalc    Machining Calculator:
Speeds and feeds, trigonometry and much more...
Code search    FileLookup:
Quickly search through your CNC files using keywords.
Renumber    Block number/renumber:
Controls the block numbers of lines of g-code.
Code search    Code Store:
Store commonly used CNC g code in an easy to retrieve format.
Scale-Mirrir    Scale and Mirror:
Multiply one or more g-code values, or change between positive and negative.
Switch axes    Switch axes:
Switch the values of one g-code coordinate address to another.
Shift    Shift coordinates:
Add or subtract an amount to or from selected g-code words.
Colour    Syntax colouring:
Helps to make the code easier to read.
Work envelope    Work envelope:
Determines the extent of travel in both positive and negative directions.
G90-G91    Switch absolute/incremental:
Change CNC g-code between Absolute and Incremental coordinates.
WinDiff    File compare:
Opens two files on the same page and shows where lines of g-code differ between the two.

Options.   Customize EditCNC

EditCNC is loaded with features designed to make life easier for machinists and CNC programmers!

EditCNC is a great tool for tidying up your CAD/CAM or MDI generated programs. And if you can't yet justify the cost of CAD/CAM, you'll find EditCNC a great tool for writing G-code programs from scratch!

Do you write your quick little programs with Notepad™ or some other freeware text editor? Download EditCNC's free thirty day trial, and see if it doesn't make a huge difference, even with the simplest g-code writing and editing tasks!

EditCNC includes a machining calculator and an app for transferring files to CNC machines.

More features:
Insert/remove spaces:Add spaces for ease of readability when editing a program, then remove them to shrink the program size.

When multiple files are open, scrolling one file will cause the others to scroll simultaneously when scroll lock is on.

Open multiple files and cut/copy/paste parts or all of one file to another.

Edit large files, size limited only by the capacity of your computer.

Quickly find tool changes, feed words, etc by using the Ctrl+F and F3 keys.

Print your files with date and title, as well as the syntax colour. Print selected portions of a file.

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