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EditCNC    G-code editor and DNC software
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After You Purchase...

spacer The trial versions of our demos are fully functional, so that you can really see how you can benifit by their use. Once you have tried the software for up to thirty days, you will need to remove the time limit.

Each licence entitles the purchaser to unlock the software for unrestricted use on one computer.
(Note: You can connect one computer to as many CNC machines as you like with ConnectCNC)

Unlocking the software

When you have decided that EditCNC would be a major asset to your CNC programming department or machine shop, you will need to register with us. Once registration and payment are complete, you will immediately receive a receipt that will give you your serial number to use to activate the software.

Note: If the demo you are using has an opening panel that shows a MachineID and site code (like this), you need to get the latest version.
First, backup the port settings you've been using.
Next, download and install the latest demo.