G-code editor and DNC software


G90 <-> G91 Conversion

This function of the CNC editor allows the user to change CNC g-code between Absolute and Incremental coordinates.
Code that is in absolute can be converted to incremental by clicking the "G91" button on the toolbar, or choosing "To incremental coordinates" from the Tools menu.
Conversly, code can be converted to absolute by clicking the "G90" button, or choosing "To absolute coordinates".
The whole file, or just a portion may be converted. If an entire file is to be converted from absolute to incremental, start at the second line of code so that the coordinates have a starting point.
When converting from absolute to incremental, this function will search for the previous coordinates to find a starting point. Be sure that your intended start coordinates are stated immediately before the conversion. When the conversion is done, the code will have a "G90" or "G91" (whichever is appropriate) inserted before and after the changes.


1. Select portion of code to be converted. Use line numbers in status bar, or select with mouse.

2. Be sure there is a line with start coordinates immediately before the selection. In the illustration, the selection is a sub program, with the start point elsewhere in the main program (block N8). We have temporarily put the coordinates here to give the incremental code a starting point.

3. Click the G91 toolbar button to change from absolute to incremental, or the G90 button to change from incremental to absolute.

The converted code is bounded by a G91 and G90.

The start point coordinates can now be removed if necessary.

System requirements:
Any computer with Windows 98, ME, 2000 XP, NT, Vista, Win7, 8 or10 (32 or 64 bit).
ConnectCNC requires at least one serial COM port, or USB/RS232c port converter.