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After you purchase...

The trial versions of our demos are fully functional, so that you can really see how you can benifit by their use. Once you have tried the software for up to thirty days, you will need to remove the time limit.

Each licence entitles the purchaser to unlock the software for unrestricted use on one computer.
(Note: You can connect one computer to as many CNC machines as you like with ConnectCNC)
(Site licences are available to qualified purchasers of multiple seats of CNC Consulting Inc software.)

Unlocking the software

Please read the instructions on the receipt you received upon purchasing the licence.

How many installations can be made with one product licence?

According to the End User Licence Agreement you may use your copy of the software on one computer for each licence you purchased. However, the licence can be transferred. See our Licence Transfer Info page.

Do I have to pay for upgrades?

Currently, you can download the newest build of the same version of your registered software. It must be installed on the same computer as your present copy for us to provide a new activation key.
Upgrading from a previous version to the latest version is 25% of the current price.
If you wish to put the upgrade on another computer, see our Licence Transfer Info page.

Please note that you must include your order number and or removal code with all requests for a licence transfer.